Chapter 1. Introduction

Visual Tutorial is a tutorial that will show the reader how to use KDevelop and Qt's Designer to create applications visually . We will create an application that will allow us to open an image and tint it with different colors. Later, we will change the interface to allow the user to specify also an alpha channel intensity.

This tutorial is complementary to my other KDE development tutorial, which you can find at There also another very good tutorial about KDevelop and Designer done by Anne-Marie Mahfouf at As to the order in which all these tutorials and these others should be read, I will just say one thing: The more you read the better :), and if you also read the documentation of the classes you use, even better.

If you want to download the code for this tutorial together with the documentation, etc, you can do so at the homepage. You can follow this tutorial by yourself doing everything as it's stated here or you can download each tutorial step from that page. In the second case, you'll get each step in a different directory and you'll have to open different KDevelop projects for each one.

Ready? Good, let's start.