KPager's homepage

What is KPager ?

KPager is the KDE pager.
It displays a small view with all your opened windows, so that you can see at a glance what is running and where. It also allows you to change your windows positions, sizes, states, etc.

Tell me more about KPager

After seeing and using the Irix's "Desks Overview" in an O2 at the Image Processing Lab. of my University many years ago, I thought that it was time for KDE to have something similar, and now KPager has become even more useful than the original one.
I started its development the 22th of September of 1996 .

I'd like to see KPager's features

  • Shows a small display of all your desktops
  • Reads the kdesktop configuration to show the actual background
  • Responds to kdesktop and kwin configuration changes
  • Can paint a reduced view of your windows in different modes :
    • Plain : Just the rectangle (ala Irix or any other X11 pager)
    • Icon : Shows the windows' icon inside the reduced view
    • Pixmap : Grabs the window contents and reduce them in the display. Try it!
  • Can resize the view and hide the menu to best fit your needs.
  • Allows to move, stick, maximize, minimize and close your windows.
  • Has a DCOP interface to communicate with the minipager in kicker (the panel).

I want to see a screenshot !

If you prefer to see bigger, better quality screenshots, just click here or on the above image.

Where can I download KPager current version from ?

KPager is only distributed inside the kdebase package, so you probably already have it installed. If not, just check KDE's mirrors

What are KPager terms of use ?

KPager is distributed under the GNU General Public License Version 2.