KFourier's homepage

What is KFourier ?

KFourier is a X11 / KDE based image processing program that use the Fourier transform to use multiple filters on an image, it works on Linux, BSD, and other unices.

Tell me more about KFourier

KFourier was made as an exercise-work for a free-configuration subject that I had to choose from another faculty at the University of Malaga, so I choosed "Image Processing", and KFourier was the result.
I made this program in a less than a month so don't expect too much, also, it was done some years ago and never evolved since then due to lack of time, so it still tries to use the KDE 1.x libraries. The result is that it doesn't work in any of the current systems. Anyway, you can try to download the KDE 1.x libraries and compile this program against them if you need this kind of app.

I want to see a screenshot !

Just click here to see a screenshot.

Where can I download KFourier current version from ?

You can download KFourier from this page, just press in the next link to download the source tar.gz package :

kfourier-1.1c.tar.gz (155 Kb.) version 1.1c

The previous file doesn't include the help's bitmaps, if you want to download them too (recommended to a better understanding of KFourier), you can ask me for it and I'll put it on this page for you to download it.

How do I install it ?

To install KFourier, decompress it by doing 'tar xvfz kfourier-1.1.tar.gz' or something like that, it will create a new directory and then you should go into that directory and run: configure , make , make install
If you downloaded the help's bitmaps, you have to copy the kfourierhelp-1.1.tar.gz file to the help directory of KFourier's source code, decompress it, and then run again the "make install" command

What are KFourier terms of use ?

KFourier is distributed under the GNU General Public License Version 2.