KBillar's screenshots

These are some screenshots taken from kbillar 1.0 :

A simple pool table

A Cos(y) table . The user can enter his own equations to define his own table.

A Exp(Cos(x)+Sin(y)) table

A torus table

A spherical table

You can also play billiard with the MIR and the Alpha Station

A -1/Sqrt(x*x+y*y) table

You can also make your own borders, in this example, a maze border on a Cos(x)+Sin(y) table.

A cylindrical table

The controller window (although you can move around the table without using this window at all, sometimes it's convenient to have it there).

Finally, a nice shot of a nightmare table, Exp(Sin(x*y+x*x+y*y)) (don't try it at home!)