Kalamaris's screenshots

These are some screenshots taken from kalamaris 0.6.0 :

This one is from the main window of Kalamaris doing some symbolic calculus :

Note the h(x,y)=x[y] :-)

This one is a comparison of three numerical methods with different stepControl and factorStepControl values:

This one is a phase diagram of the Lolka-Volterra model (depredator-prey) :

The next one is a screenshot of the 3D viewer, showing a pendulum (obviously, it's much nicer to see it animated :-) )

This one shows a direction field of the Hopf's bifurcation. You can click on the graph to set an initial condition and kalamaris will plot the orbit

This one shows the direction field of the pendulum's problem (without friction). You can see in a nice way the stable orbits and the unstable ones depending on the energy :

This one is a screenshot of some spheres rotating around the center of coordinates :

And this is an animated mng movie of the previous one (note that the application is much smoother)

And this mng animation shows a direction field in 3 dimensions :