Antonio Larrosa homepage

I hope the you find useful the contents of these pages. From this page you can access some programs I have made along with some screenshots of them and some info.

Note this is one of the places you can reach me in the web. But there are others which are updated more frequently, like google plus, twitter, facebook, my spanish personal blog, my kde-centric/english blog, flickr, etc.

  • Kalamaris - Kalamaris is the next generation on scientific frameworks. It already supports : Function definition and evaluation, plotting functions in 2D, matrix support, symbolic calculus, symbolic derivative, solving of systems of differential equations through various numerical methods, data visualization in 3D, plotting of direction fields, etc.

  • KBillar - KBillar is a billiard game over user-defined surfaces for X11 and KDE. The user can generate his own billiard tables, borders, etc. and play in a 3D environment.

  • Development Tutorial - Homepage of my KDE tutorial that shows how to develop KDE applications, and everything you need to get started on the world of KDE development using the latest architectures (DCOP, KIO, etc.)

  • Visual Tutorial - Homepage of my KDE visual tutorial that shows how to develop KDE applications visually using the excellent KDevelop 3.x (Gideon) and Qt/Designer.

  • Localizer - Qtopia based application for Zaurus devices that shows a map and allows to search for things like companies, stands, places to eat, museums, or whatever !. It's specially designed for exhibition maps and city maps.

  • KMid - KMid a midi/karaoke player for X11 and KDE, it has karaoke support, a midi mapper, easy-to-use interface, etc.

  • KPager - This is the homepage of KPager, the KDE pager . And the first pager that offered a picture in each window with the contents of the real window !

  • KFourier - KFourier is an image processing application that can be used to filter images with infinity custom-made filters by working with the Fourier transformation of the images.

  • Other Apps. - Some libraries that I have made that could be useful for everyone, along with some small utilities.

  • Cenbase - This program allowed to keep organized all your information saved in diskettes and CDs. It's homepage is kept there because it was my first real application, but the application itself is dead.

  • Physics - This is the homepage of a series of round tables conferences about relativity, quantum theory and many interesting things that are being developing weekly in the University of Malaga . New members are welcomed!

  • Music - Some MIDI files I composed and recorded

  • About Me - This page contains some information about me, the things I do and some personal thoughts about many different subjects.

  • Photo Gallery - This page holds a number of pictures I have made during my travels and talks

  • Links - Links to many interesting pages