Cenbase's homepage

What is Cenbase ?

Cenbase is (was) a Windows program that saves in an object oriented database the information contained in all your diskettes and CDs. Then you can search in the database for anything and it tells you where it is . Its use is fast and easy.
Also, you can tell it the place where your disks are, so, when you look for any file whose commentary has the words "Photos of Star Trek", the result of the search would be "Directory \photos of the disk 10 which is in the blue box, in the drawer of the desk". Really, the result is that, but told with icons and graphics (instead of text). That's because Cenbase has an object oriented interface and so, it's very easy to use.

Tell me more about Cenbase

Cenbase was developed in 4 years of intense programming time (during my high school). It's programmed in C++ and the GUI is completely object oriented.
The actual state of the program is final beta, and I WON'T FINISH it (I haven't touched it since 1996 or so), althought it was fully working. Anyway, there may be some bugs, although none has been reported so long. I don't expect any bug to be reported anyway, since I removed Cenbase from the site, given that I declared it "dead software".

Where can I download Cenbase from ?

You can't. It's dead Jim.

What are its requirements ?

The requirements of Cenbase are (were) minimum, any computer in which you can run windows, will be able to run Cenbase, and 8 Mb. of RAM are highly recommended if you are going to use CDs in the database. By the way, Cenbase has been developed in a 486/50 with 8 Mb. of RAM and it run smoothly there.